From 1985 to today

For over 30 years
at TOP AGRI has beeb based on organic farming
controlled supply chain
from field to finished
product and more.


Top Agri Group, owned by the Soave family, was born in 1985 thanks to the passion for organic farming of Marzio Soave acquired during the course of his studies in agriculture, which he applied daily on the family farm.

The beginning the company was born as an agronomic consultancy group for the organic sector together with the direct cultivation of the family land. The company grew day after day expanding the areas directly cultivated, arriving today at about 1.000 hectares, together with the family’s contract farming projects. In the 90s the company also started to open up to international trade in organic cereals, thus improving its logistical organization.
Starting in 2000, thanks to an intuition of Mr. Soave, Top Agri landed in Romania, at the beginning, creating the first nucleus of what is now TAR Trading Division. Here the company developed a solid supply network in contract farming with local farmers and a port terminal. This ensured the group a wide base of safe and traceable raw organic material.

The Group's first organic oilseed-squeezing plant was born In 2005 in Italy. The plant grew year after year until 2010, reaching a mass of 18,000 tons of organic sunflower, soya and rapeseed squeezed. The success of this activity has led the Soave family to invest all their resources in the creation of one of Europe's largest organic oil mills, in the historic headquarters of Roverchiara, near Verona.

From that moment on, the Group focused on the agricultural part, extending both its own areas and contract farming ones, and on transformation activities, investing each year in new production lines.